Klavon’s and Prantl’s Team Up For Cookie and Ice Cream Pizza

November 29, 2017 by Madeline Quigley 

(originally published in Good Food Pittsburgh)


It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! Two Pittsburgh classics – Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor and Prantl’s Bakery – have teamed up to create a cookie-based, ice cream pizza.

Perfect for any holiday gathering, this epic creations combines layers of Prantl’s chocolate chip cookies with various flavors of Klavon’s ice cream.


For now, customers can choose from Snickerdoodle and Double Dark Chocolate ice cream. Klavons expects that the product will evolve over time, and soon expand to include more bases and ice cream flavors.

Klavon’s owner Jacob Hanchar said the idea for a “pizza” creation came to them when they started working on a delivery business.

“When we looked to partner with a bakery, we wanted to work with another Pittsburgh institution like Prantl’s. We told them the idea and they loved it,” says Hanchar. 

The pizza is $29.99 for pick up at Klavons, and $34.99 delivered. 

Follow Klavon’s on Facebook for updates on the ice cream and cookie sandwich. To order, contact klavons@klavonsicecream.com or call us (412) 434-0451.

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor (2801 Penn Avenue)


Small Ice Cream Shop Competition FAQ

What’s this all about?

In early 2017 co-owner of Klavon’s Jacob Hanchar was traveling for his “day job” at Digital Dream Labs (www.digitaldreamlabs.com).  He noticed during his traveling that there were several ice cream shops with different flavors with new and amazing ideas.  Because the small batch, locally sourced movement has grown, he thought it was time to pull together as and industry and show off our top talent.

What are the rules?

We prefer scoop shops to enter that have been in business for more than one year.  The shop must make their own ice cream and have health and safety certifications to do so.  Large corporations or franchises (more than five shops or more than $10 million in revenue) we kindly request do not enter.  When you enter, you agree that whoever wins you will carry that winning flavor for a season at your shop.  This way you get customers to come into your shop to experience something new and the flavor creator gets recognition nationwide.

Who can compete?

The competition is by invitation only.  We’ve researched who we think are the best ice cream shops in America that have a solid track record.  We’ve identified over a thousand shops.  If we’ve missed you by mistake, please contact us!

I’m a chef or artisanal ice cream maker with no brick and mortar.  Can I enter?

This has been the biggest request we have received so far.  We prefer to host only brick and mortar scoops shops because they understand what it takes to run such a business.  However, there have been enough requests so we now have a separate category for you to compete.  Join us!

How are you handling my recipe?

If your recipe is top secret, this is not the competition for you!  Each shop will be notified of the ingredients and recipe of the winner and each shop will do their “own take” on the winning flavor.  Don't worry, though, you only need to reveal your recipe if you win!

How does this all work?

It's actually pretty simple! To start, you overnight two pints of the same flavor to our address 2801 Penn Avenue of the flavor you think will win a week before National Ice Cream Day (July 16th, 2017).  Our judges will sample and score each entry Saturday and Sunday that weekend.  Winners will be announced 5 pm EST on Sunday!  The deadline for receiving shipments is Friday July 14th at 5 pm. 

How is the scoring done?

We have three nationally recognized ice cream makers who will serve as judges.  They will score five categories on a scale from 1 – 10.  Taste, Visual Appeal, Mouth Feel/Texture, Name of Flavor (catchiness & creative), and Uniqueness will be scored for a total of 50 points.  A perfect score from the judges would be 150 points. To ensure no biases, tasting will be completely blind.

What are the categories?

There are three main categories for this competition:

a) Classic American - which includes, but is not limited to Strawberry, Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Coffee, etc.  Custards will be entered in this genre.

b) Unique Flavor - outrageous new idea or new twist on tradition.

c) Ice Cream Incorporated Into Dessert - ice cream sandwiches, ice cream filled churros, etc.

d) "Other" Ice Creams - gelatos, sorbets, and other 'new' age ice creams can compete here!

There will be a best in class for each category and the best overall takes home the prize of best homemade ice cream in America!

Only one entry per competitor please (two pints of the same flavor).  If you send us more than one flavor or enter more than one category, we will choose, at random, the flavor that will be entered for you. 

What are the prizes?

The winner takes home the bragging rights of being the best in the US, plus the marketing exposure of having their flavor carried nationwide.   The grand prize also includes $10,000 in cash, no strings attached!  Each of the judges will also do something special for the winners in the smaller categories.  This is yet to be determined.

Is there a cost to enter?

Other than the cost of overnighting the ice cream to our shop, where we will have two locations with backup generators to keep the produce safe, there is no cost.

Do I assign copyrights or another other IP regarding this competition?

No one owns anything going into this competition or coming out.  This is purely a celebration of ice cream and promotion of the winner with no licensing fees assigned or assumed, copyright agreements given or taken nor any other legal obligations formed or contemplated.  In other words, compete at your own risk and have some fun!




For Immediate Release: April 3rd, 2017

Contact: Jacob Hanchar, (klavons@klavonsicecream.com)


Pittsburgh, PA – Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor, a Pittsburgh ice cream tradition since 1923, dedicated to serving local community members with exquisite sundaes, ice cream, soda, floats, and splits, this week announced they will be hosting their first-ever Small Ice Cream Shop Competition on July 16th, National Ice Cream Day. Excited to be doing something completely original, Klavon’s competition will feature female leaders in the ice cream industry, including well-known entrepreneurs Natasha Case from CoolHaus, Cris Freeman from Phin and Phebes, and Jennie Dundas from Blue Marble.

Equipped to judge the entries based on the mouth feel, look of the ice cream and textual appeal, uniqueness, taste, and the catchiness of the flavor name, the three judges will decide the competition winner, who will have their flavor featured at CoolHaus Scoop Shops for a season.

"Klavon's is a city treasure, and I'm happy to see them celebrating women in the ice cream business. I wish all competitions could be decided by ice cream," Mayor William Peduto said.

Small standalone shops across the country that have more than one location, but are not franchises, will be invited to compete. Large corporations or non-ice cream related businesses will not be admitted to the competition. The winner, in addition to the CoolHaus feature, will win a $10,000 cash prize, and national bragging rights.

Jacob Hanchar, co-owner of Klavon’s said, “We at Klavon’s are extremely excited to provide a place where small ice cream shops across the country and can show off their talent!”

The first of the featured judges, Natasha Case, a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, is nationally known for building up an ice cream empire from scratch. Today, her company, Coolhaus, a gourmet, all-natural, premium and inventive ice cream company built on the idea of farchitecture (food + architecture), offers frozen treats that are sustainably and locally sourced ingredients.  Since launching, Coolhaus has grown into a national fleet of 10 trucks, two brick and mortars, and has its products available in over 5,000 retailers nationwide, including Pittsburgh. Known for its innovative sweet-meets-savory flavors and elevated classics, Coolhaus has drawn accolades from The New York Times, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Time, and Good Morning America, to name a few.

In 2007, Jennie Dundas ignited a movement when she opened Blue Marble Ice Cream, NYC’s first-ever source-driven, eco-conscious ice cream company. Based in Brooklyn, Blue Marble remains the only certified organic ice cream company in NYC. Blue Marble has been the exclusive brand at jetBlue Mint, The Barclays Center, and Smorgasburg, and has made Best Ice Cream in America lists including Food & Wine, Yahoo Travel, Men's Journal, Epicurious, Refinery29, and more. Its pure, elemental flavors are offered on the distinguished menus of NY hot spots such as Tavern on The Green and Burger Joint; and corporate clients include Google, Facebook, Saturday Night Live, and many more. In 2010, she and co-founder Alexis Gallivan launched Blue Marble Dreams, a non-profit initiative to provide jobs and promote joy in post-trauma regions through the unlikely medium of ice cream. So far, Blue Marble Dreams has opened shops in Butare, Rwanda and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Blue Marble can be found on retail shelves in 15+ states, or ordered online for home delivery nationwide.

Jennie said, "I am so honored to participate in Klavon's inaugural national ice cream competition, especially with fellow female entrepreneurs. I cannot WAIT to do what I like best: eat lots and lots of ice cream!"

Lastly, Crista Freeman from Brooklyn’s Phin and Phebes, committed to creating the market's most unique and creative flavors, using local dairy and non-GMO and organic flavorings. All of their dairy comes from family-owned and run cooperatives within a 20- mile radius of where they make their ice cream. Phin & Phebes can now be found across the U.S. in grocers like Whole Foods, Walmart, Safeway, Shop Rite, H.E.B and Central Markets to name a few. Her creative and tenacious spirit has built a team and brand that continues to push the boundaries in innovation within the grocery channel that is dominated by Big Food players like Unilever & Nestle in the frozen space. Like Jennie, Crista is making significant improvements in the sustainability and responsibility behind ice cream creation.

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor has been around since 1923, when James and Mary Klavon founded it as a pharmacy and ice cream shop. The parlor was in operation until 1979, when it closed down for two decades. In 1999, James and Mary’s eight grandchildren teamed up to transform the old building into a full-service ice cream parlor. Today, it is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Jacob and Desiree Hanchar.


For more information, visit: http://www.klavonsicecream.com/